Exclusive TIPS On Getting Started With A Brand New AdWords Account


Here’s a checklist that can come in handy while kick starting a new Google AdWords Account.

Over the years I haven’t seen much change as regards the basic account structure and the set up process. But, there have been a few recent changes that are worth mentioning.

Here I am gonna talk about the basics of Google AdWords account setup along with a few handy tips regarding recent market changes. I believe this information will prove valuable for both a PPC account manager as well as a PPC Reseller.

Here are seven key steps to follow while setting up a new account:

Set Up Campaign Structure

To start with find out what your goals are. Give a thought to the way you’d want to organize your campaigns. Basic organizational techniques are:

  • Via product or service group
  • Via geographic location
  • Via seasonality

Deem the campaign structure as crucial, since budgets are set at the campaign level. Give a thought to the way you’d want to allocate and manage your PPC investment.


Build Ad Groups

Now begin to develop ad groups within every single campaign. Develop an ad group for every single product or service. In doing so you’re able to organize your ad program.

TIP: Campaigns and ad groups commonly mirror the way your website is cataloged.


Decide On Ad Targeting

Either go for targeting just the Search Network, the Display Network, separately or both clubbed together, or choose remarketing. In remarketing you’re basically re-targeting visitors who have already visited your website.


Carry Out Keyword Research

First try to fathom how your customers search.

Use a range of  resources to identify the most appropriate keywords. Never presume that you know what your customers are typing into the search bar.

Take into account following elements when picking out keywords:

  • Volume of search
  • Relevancy of keywords selected
  • Paid search competition
  • Cost per click

Use Google’s keyword planner. It is the best tool for the purpose.

Also make sure to add some obvious search terms, coupled with your landing page URL, at the time of using the planner.

That will ensure you get a few more  search terms that are pertinent to your product or service. With the help of keyword planner you can obtain estimated bids and spend forecasts.


Use Negative Keywords

Never underestimate negative keywords. Use the planner to get negative search terms then use them later on in your campaign.

The purpose served by negative keywords is to prevent your ad from showing on non-relevant search queries.


Decide On Keyword Matching Options

Here are the four typical options:

Broad Match

Broad Match Modifier

Phrase Match

Negative Match


Develop Ad Copy


Try to develop a compelling and unique ad copy. Then add a unique call-to-action. That way you give potential customers a reason to click.


More Tips


Check out a few additional tips to help your campaigns:


Use Ad Extensions

You can enhance your ads with extensions. Leverage the following extensions:

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Review Extensions

Pick extensions that serve your specific marketing objectives. They help in boosting ad impressions. I recommend the following ad extensions:

Sitelink Extensions: These kind of extensions link to specific pages. They provide direct access to things users are looking for on your website. These extensions show up on the top or bottom of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Adwords Site Links
Adwords Site Links

Callout Extensions: These extensions are not  clickable. They are used to just add more text inside your ad. They are a means to display more info related to your business.


Call Extensions: With these you can add a phone number to your ad.


Don’t Overlook Mobile


Nowadays it pays to get an idea about where users are searching. Analyze mobile usage data then carry out the needed adjustments.

Mobile bid adjustments lets you display ads more or less often on the users preferred devices while they carry out a search.  You can set the mobile bid adjustment in the range from -90 percent to +300 percent.

Negative adjustment cuts back the number of times your ad is displayed whereas positive adjustment produces the opposite effect.


Show Aggressiveness

The direction the new Google AdWords campaigns are heading, it’s pertinent to take a more aggressive approach. The gradual approach has become obsolete.


Be assertive while carrying out initial keyword bids as well as budgets. Gather ad impression and click data, that will come in handy at the time of optimizing campaigns. This is absolutely a necessity in situations when the PPC auctions are exceedingly competitive.


Wait And Watch


Your work is not over after you have set up a paid search program. Make extensive use of modern tools such as site links and mobile targeting, on a long term basis to make the most of your program.

Spend extra time to review your campaigns results data.











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