6 Campaign Optimization Techniques For Your Business

Campaign optimization techniques play an important role in AdWords. If the campaign is optimized properly, it will yield good results in the form of conversions.


“Campaign Can Make or Break ROI of Any Business”

 So, check out the campaign optimization techniques to leverage your ROI.

Optimum Use of Keywords

Monitor regularly the keyword reports and capitalizes high performing keywords by spending more amount on them. At the same time, pause those keywords that are not performing well. Find top 20 converting keywords and run campaigns for them. If you want to see improvements, keep doing experiments and changes. It is important to check search term reports, especially if you are running broad match keywords. Save your money by adding negative keywords that are not performing well and utilize it on the keywords that are giving you clicks. This is one of the most important campaign optimization techniques.


Ad Scheduling


 This feature can save you a lot of money if it is used properly. But it depends on business to business like a plumber works for certain time duration. He will not attend the call in the late evening. So it is better to set the lower bid adjustment for him in the evening and higher for his operating business hours.


Ad Extensions


There are two types of extensions – Manual & Automatic. Manual extensions include Call extensions, Location extensions, App extensions, Review extensions, Site Link Extensions, Call out extensions. Automatic extensions include consumer rating, previous  Visit, seller ratings. Check out which extension is better for your niche and add it today as it will definitely increase your click-through rates (CTRs).


Link Google Analytics & Google AdWords

 It is important to link Google Analytics & Google AdWords to track goals and conversions. After linking you can add four custom columns in campaign settings. Add custom columns- Bounce rate, Pages/Visit, Average Visit Duration, % New Visits. As a result, you can now analyze the data in a better way to optimize the campaigns accordingly. This will also help you to make smarter choices by having all the data and as a result higher success rate.


Increase Quality Score


 By increasing your quality score, you can reduce your Max CPC and save money. Quality score is based on the landing pages, ad format and ad relevance. You should have great landing pages that give you conversions. Follow AdWords guidelines and make the best ad copy having a proper ad format. Ad relevancy is important to reduce the bounce rate and provide better user experience. Optimize all these and make high performing ads to increase the quality score.


Location Settings


It is important to include or exclude the locations based on the target areas of your business. So if your business is local, then save money by showing the ad to the people within the radius of your business location. This is a great way to target only those people who can get converted instead of a broader audience.

Hope all these campaign optimization techniques help you in performing well and effectively utilize the money to deliver the high-quality results.


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