5 Important Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

Summary: Choosing the right PPC consultant is as difficult as managing your campaigns yourself. Hire a consultant who is Google AdWords certified, experienced and is communicative with their clients.


PPC advertising has the potential to divert massive traffic to your website, but it requires deep technical know-how to do it. This is because keyword research is not easy and requires technical expertise. Also, wrong ad copy could result in lower conversion. Therefore, it is important to look for a PPC consultant who suits your business well. Nowadays, many people mark themselves as the best PPC expert and claim to dramatically improve your website traffic and significantly improve your sales. But, this may not be true and can be a scam.

You want your PPC consultant to make your business story wonderfully, and for this, make sure that you look for following five things while evaluating the candidates and proposals:

5 Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

Is he or she qualified to do PPC?

First, you have to shortlist those mentors who have the logo of “AdWords Experienced Individual” on their website. Once you notice this logo, it should take you to the mentor’s website for further verification of his qualification/certification. Make sure that your PPC consultant is Google AdWords certified.

PPC Consultant’s Experience

Undoubtedly, qualification is important, but experience also matters a lot. Real knowledge is gained only after working on live projects. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your consultant holds the experience of several years working in this field. You can check their experience level on their website, if they have. Read their testimonials to get an idea of their expertise and experience level. Alternatively, check their experience in their resume and also their areas of advertising.

Cost Structure

Many PPC workers claim to hold a vast experience and expertise in the advertising field. But the actual experience level is measured only by tracking the total amount spend by the advertiser on ads. Take a quotation or cost structure for your projects, from the expert. You can take quotation from a few consultants and compare their pricing. Choose the one who satisfies you in every term. The most important thing: make sure that the person you choose has the abilities to handle your investment in the best possible way.

Are they communicative?

A good PPC consultant is one who is eager to handle their clients’ queries patiently. He is very communicative and friendly. A consultant who does not want you to ask questions and involve yourself is unethical and you have to avoid them. They don’t want you to know the things because they are not genuine and offer low quality services. They should also report on a weekly or monthly basis, as per your requirements.

How do they Approach your Business?

Many times, people hire PPC consultants who set up their accounts and then disappear without leaving any clue behind. The reason is very simple and clear: such consultants possess no or low experience, as well as knowledge in this field. As they set up an account and start working, they start feeling the actual pressure involved as the campaign goes live.  Therefore, ensure that your PPC consultant has the capacity, potential and commitment to manage your account efficiently for the required duration.

Another important thing: track the launch and performance of your first ad. Make sure your PPC consultant is performing as per your expectations and doing what he supposed to do for you. If yes, then you have chosen the right PPC consultant for your business.


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