Dental SEO Services- Top 5 Questions To Ask While Hiring Agency

As a dentist in your local area, you should have the strong local search engine presence. So that you will able to build your dental practice and gain new patients every day. For this, you can hire an SEO agency who can build your search engine presence and place you at the top position. So even when people type “dentists “ in the form of a search query, then your Google My Business or maps listing or search results come at the top. But before hiring the dental SEO services ask these five questions to them.


  1. Are You Using Dynamic Call Tracking?

 When you are doing local business, then it is very important to track the conversions. When it comes to dental services, mostly people call or take an appointment before coming. So ask the dental SEO agency to provide dynamic call tracking so that when your patients call, you can track them. This way you come to know about their SEO efforts that are bringing conversions to you. In addition, this will help you to know the ROI of the dental SEO marketing.


  1. Are You Doing PPC As Well SEO?

PPC and SEO go hand in hand. So if the SEO agency can provide you PPC service as well then you can be at top position both in terms of paid search results and organic search results. So you will get better click through rates and conversions. This will leverage your dental services and visibility of your clinic in your local area.


  1. How Efficient Are You In Local SEO?

 To get #1 ranking and more visibility for your dental clinic, it is important that your agency is highly proficient in local SEO. Ask them if they are targeting ‘hiring intent’ keywords or not. Will be they able to display Google My Business Listing on top? When users perform hiring intent queries in search engines. Also, ask them to develop service pages by optimizing it properly. So that when a user types the particular dental service related query, then the page targeted for that search term comes in the search results. Check if they are providing you mobile optimization or mobile friendly site. These dental SEO strategies will help to get better click through rates and thus conversions.


  1. Do You Do Guest Blogging?

 Guest blogging is important to get fast results and authority in SEO for dentists. So if they perform guest blogging then you can feature your services to the blogs related to health or specifically dental niche. People get influenced by reading such blogs and due to your credibility can take consultation.


  1. What Is Your Link Building Strategies?

 Building quality links on authoritative and relevant sites is crucial than doing bulk link submissions. Ask them to build accurate citations on good authority sites as this is one of the ranking factors considered by Google. Also, ask them to find the ways to earn online reviews. As this will develop reliability among the people when they inquire about the dental services.

So by asking these five questions to the agency, you can decide to take their dental SEO services.

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