Google Remarketing Services – Why and How These Work for Your Business?


Google Remarketing services help you target your potential customers again, who visited your website previously, but didn’t make any purchase. Using this internet marketing technique, you can stay connected with your customers for longer.


Google remarketing services allow you to retarget the visitors of your website who may not have made any purchase from you. It is a gimmick to increase your business’s visibility among your potential customers. It works effectively; especially when your sales process is long and extremely competitive. The only condition is that it must be executed in the right way, and it will increase your sales on the internet marketplace and build your brand reputation.


Remarketing ads can be in the form of text, videos static images or animated image format. These ads are managed by Google AdWords and are shown on the web pages visited by your target customers. These web pages must accept the Google advert placement. It is a proven incredible way of marketing on the internet that increases your ROI.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

It is very simple. If you have already started advertising on Google, then you need to add a script that is usually Google Remarketing code. It is also known as a tag, which is added to the pages of their website corresponding to desired product categories. For example, you create an “iron” tag for the pages of your site that sell iron to the customers.

Then, the advertiser login their AdWords account and a campaign is created for ads tailored for the desired tags, in this case, for iron. When a visitor visits your pages selling iron, then a cookie is placed in their browser. It allows your iron-targeted ads appear on thousands of Google partner sites in the Google Display Network that obviously increases your brand visibility and reputation.

But, Google always recommends that you must target only those visitors who visit your homepage only. This is important, especially when you are creating your first campaign. Always remember, that targeting homepage visitors or viewers will increase your cost of Google Remarketing services because your ads are retargeting to more individuals and you will not be able to create highly targeted ads. Adding Remarketing tags to your web pages allows you to target your potential customers in a narrow way that naturally increases your ad relevancy.

Advantages of Google Remarketing Services

Overall, we can say that ad retargeting is a powerful internet marketing technique. This technique allows you to stay in touch with your potential and existing customers. Even if they leave your website, you keep connected with them. It helps increasing your brand exposure and makes you more recognizable among your customers. Google Remarketing services increase your brand loyalty, raise trust and compel your potential customers to purchase from you whenever they need your products or services.

Besides these, but Google Remarketing helps increasing your conversion rate, if these campaigns are combined with other advanced retargeting methods.  Using your Google AdWords account, you can adjust your campaigns’ settings according to your choice and requirements.

Lastly, the cost of Google Remarketing services depends totally on how broad your campaigns are. Broader the campaign, the higher your costs will be. It is advisable to use tags in combination with contextual targeting, conversion filtering, frequency capping, etc. to enable yourself create highly targeted campaigns and increase ad relevancy.

What information do you need to enter in Google merchant center to create a shopping campaign?


Are you starting with Google shopping campaign and want to know what information do you need to enter in the Google merchant center to create a shopping campaign? Read your answer here.


What is Google’s Merchant Center?

If you are involved in keyword-level bidding with shopping campaigns, you probably understand that how daunting is it to manage shopping campaigns. This is where you can use Google’s merchant center came into the picture where lots of magic happens. Your product data feed lived here in this merchant center. A product data feed is actually a list of products that you want to sell through shopping campaigns. This list has to be in a special format as required by Google with thousands of attributes that describes your products well, and these attributes mainly include the following:

  • ID – Every product is assigned a unique identification (ID) number.
  • Title –This is the name of your product that can have the major features of the product mentioned with it.
  • Description – The text that describes your products and compels readers to click on your ad. This text is shown when users click the ad.
  • Product category –Choose the right category, as listed in Google’s predefined categories, for every product.
  • Product type – define the exact information for your product type.
  • Link the item to a relevant product page on your website.
  • Availability status – whether the product is in stock or out of stock.
  • Marked Retail Price of the item
  • Sale Price of the item

Apart from these, there are many other attributes that you need to enter in the Google merchant center to create a shopping campaign.

Major information do you need to enter in the Google merchant center to create a shopping                   campaign:

You have to upload your product data in the merchant center for Google shopping. To do this successfully, you need to verify and claim that you have a genuine website URL for your website. This verification assures Google that you are an authorized and genuine owner of the store. Apart from this foremost information, you need to provide a campaign name, country of sale, maximum cost-per-click bid and daily budget.

How to maintain your product feed?

Much before you start even setting your shopping campaign, you need to define your product data feed and have a process to update all information related to the products that you have in the feed. This is important because if your product’s data does not match the data on your site, Google does not show your ads. Make sure that your product titles and descriptions are keyword-rich and appealing to the customers. Pricing should be 100% accurate. If your business is targeting multiple countries, make a separate campaign for each country sales. Make sure that your products’ images are of high-quality.  All destination URLs should divert buyers to live pages and must not have 404 or dead pages.
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Dental SEO Services- Top 5 Questions To Ask While Hiring Agency

As a dentist in your local area, you should have the strong local search engine presence. So that you will able to build your dental practice and gain new patients every day. For this, you can hire an SEO agency who can build your search engine presence and place you at the top position. So even when people type “dentists “ in the form of a search query, then your Google My Business or maps listing or search results come at the top. But before hiring the dental SEO services ask these five questions to them.


  1. Are You Using Dynamic Call Tracking?

 When you are doing local business, then it is very important to track the conversions. When it comes to dental services, mostly people call or take an appointment before coming. So ask the dental SEO agency to provide dynamic call tracking so that when your patients call, you can track them. This way you come to know about their SEO efforts that are bringing conversions to you. In addition, this will help you to know the ROI of the dental SEO marketing.


  1. Are You Doing PPC As Well SEO?

PPC and SEO go hand in hand. So if the SEO agency can provide you PPC service as well then you can be at top position both in terms of paid search results and organic search results. So you will get better click through rates and conversions. This will leverage your dental services and visibility of your clinic in your local area.


  1. How Efficient Are You In Local SEO?

 To get #1 ranking and more visibility for your dental clinic, it is important that your agency is highly proficient in local SEO. Ask them if they are targeting ‘hiring intent’ keywords or not. Will be they able to display Google My Business Listing on top? When users perform hiring intent queries in search engines. Also, ask them to develop service pages by optimizing it properly. So that when a user types the particular dental service related query, then the page targeted for that search term comes in the search results. Check if they are providing you mobile optimization or mobile friendly site. These dental SEO strategies will help to get better click through rates and thus conversions.


  1. Do You Do Guest Blogging?

 Guest blogging is important to get fast results and authority in SEO for dentists. So if they perform guest blogging then you can feature your services to the blogs related to health or specifically dental niche. People get influenced by reading such blogs and due to your credibility can take consultation.


  1. What Is Your Link Building Strategies?

 Building quality links on authoritative and relevant sites is crucial than doing bulk link submissions. Ask them to build accurate citations on good authority sites as this is one of the ranking factors considered by Google. Also, ask them to find the ways to earn online reviews. As this will develop reliability among the people when they inquire about the dental services.

So by asking these five questions to the agency, you can decide to take their dental SEO services.

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5 Important Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

Summary: Choosing the right PPC consultant is as difficult as managing your campaigns yourself. Hire a consultant who is Google AdWords certified, experienced and is communicative with their clients.


PPC advertising has the potential to divert massive traffic to your website, but it requires deep technical know-how to do it. This is because keyword research is not easy and requires technical expertise. Also, wrong ad copy could result in lower conversion. Therefore, it is important to look for a PPC consultant who suits your business well. Nowadays, many people mark themselves as the best PPC expert and claim to dramatically improve your website traffic and significantly improve your sales. But, this may not be true and can be a scam.

You want your PPC consultant to make your business story wonderfully, and for this, make sure that you look for following five things while evaluating the candidates and proposals:

5 Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

Is he or she qualified to do PPC?

First, you have to shortlist those mentors who have the logo of “AdWords Experienced Individual” on their website. Once you notice this logo, it should take you to the mentor’s website for further verification of his qualification/certification. Make sure that your PPC consultant is Google AdWords certified.

PPC Consultant’s Experience

Undoubtedly, qualification is important, but experience also matters a lot. Real knowledge is gained only after working on live projects. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your consultant holds the experience of several years working in this field. You can check their experience level on their website, if they have. Read their testimonials to get an idea of their expertise and experience level. Alternatively, check their experience in their resume and also their areas of advertising.

Cost Structure

Many PPC workers claim to hold a vast experience and expertise in the advertising field. But the actual experience level is measured only by tracking the total amount spend by the advertiser on ads. Take a quotation or cost structure for your projects, from the expert. You can take quotation from a few consultants and compare their pricing. Choose the one who satisfies you in every term. The most important thing: make sure that the person you choose has the abilities to handle your investment in the best possible way.

Are they communicative?

A good PPC consultant is one who is eager to handle their clients’ queries patiently. He is very communicative and friendly. A consultant who does not want you to ask questions and involve yourself is unethical and you have to avoid them. They don’t want you to know the things because they are not genuine and offer low quality services. They should also report on a weekly or monthly basis, as per your requirements.

How do they Approach your Business?

Many times, people hire PPC consultants who set up their accounts and then disappear without leaving any clue behind. The reason is very simple and clear: such consultants possess no or low experience, as well as knowledge in this field. As they set up an account and start working, they start feeling the actual pressure involved as the campaign goes live.  Therefore, ensure that your PPC consultant has the capacity, potential and commitment to manage your account efficiently for the required duration.

Another important thing: track the launch and performance of your first ad. Make sure your PPC consultant is performing as per your expectations and doing what he supposed to do for you. If yes, then you have chosen the right PPC consultant for your business.

6 Campaign Optimization Techniques For Your Business

Campaign optimization techniques play an important role in AdWords. If the campaign is optimized properly, it will yield good results in the form of conversions.


“Campaign Can Make or Break ROI of Any Business”

 So, check out the campaign optimization techniques to leverage your ROI.

Optimum Use of Keywords

Monitor regularly the keyword reports and capitalizes high performing keywords by spending more amount on them. At the same time, pause those keywords that are not performing well. Find top 20 converting keywords and run campaigns for them. If you want to see improvements, keep doing experiments and changes. It is important to check search term reports, especially if you are running broad match keywords. Save your money by adding negative keywords that are not performing well and utilize it on the keywords that are giving you clicks. This is one of the most important campaign optimization techniques.


Ad Scheduling


 This feature can save you a lot of money if it is used properly. But it depends on business to business like a plumber works for certain time duration. He will not attend the call in the late evening. So it is better to set the lower bid adjustment for him in the evening and higher for his operating business hours.


Ad Extensions


There are two types of extensions – Manual & Automatic. Manual extensions include Call extensions, Location extensions, App extensions, Review extensions, Site Link Extensions, Call out extensions. Automatic extensions include consumer rating, previous  Visit, seller ratings. Check out which extension is better for your niche and add it today as it will definitely increase your click-through rates (CTRs).


Link Google Analytics & Google AdWords

 It is important to link Google Analytics & Google AdWords to track goals and conversions. After linking you can add four custom columns in campaign settings. Add custom columns- Bounce rate, Pages/Visit, Average Visit Duration, % New Visits. As a result, you can now analyze the data in a better way to optimize the campaigns accordingly. This will also help you to make smarter choices by having all the data and as a result higher success rate.


Increase Quality Score


 By increasing your quality score, you can reduce your Max CPC and save money. Quality score is based on the landing pages, ad format and ad relevance. You should have great landing pages that give you conversions. Follow AdWords guidelines and make the best ad copy having a proper ad format. Ad relevancy is important to reduce the bounce rate and provide better user experience. Optimize all these and make high performing ads to increase the quality score.


Location Settings


It is important to include or exclude the locations based on the target areas of your business. So if your business is local, then save money by showing the ad to the people within the radius of your business location. This is a great way to target only those people who can get converted instead of a broader audience.

Hope all these campaign optimization techniques help you in performing well and effectively utilize the money to deliver the high-quality results.

5 Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

PPC consultant plays a crucial role in the ranking of your website traffic. You should look for the one who suits your business well. Nowadays, there is a bundle of people who mark themselves as PPC expert and guarantee you #1 ranking in Google SERP’s. Believe me, anyone who claims this is just a scam and a time waster for you. So look for the following things when you are going to hire a PPC consultant. There is a bundle of tips for this scenario, but discussed below are the top 5 things to look for in a PPC consultant.

  • Copywriting of PPC Consultant

The first thing to look for when hiring a PPC consultant is his web copywriting. Ask the question “will you click the link written by PPC consultant” in your mind and if your answer is yes go for that PPC consultant. But if your answer is no, don’t waste your time on that PPC consultant and move forward.

  • Check PPC consultant’s history

Any PPC consultant you would shortlist will have some experience mentioned in a resume, so take a look at what type of advertising he has written. And figure out his expertise in the related skill as well.

  • Are they qualified?

First, shortlist those mentors which have the AdWords Experienced Individual logo on their website. A get on this logo should take you to the web page of AdWords verifying. This would confirm that the business does certainly have the AdWords qualified expert certification.

  • How much it cost?

Some PPC experts claim that they have a bundle of experience in Ads posting and writing. But their experience can only be measured by the amount they spent on the ads posting. So before spending too much, make sure you are spending at the right person.

  • Are they friendly?

If the budget of your PPC campaign is large, make sure that your PPC consultant is using his vast experience to produce enough revenue for your business.  Your shortlisted PPC consultant should be willing to use his past experience to flourish your business.


If you are willing to spend more on PPC consultant, make sure you have chosen the right one for your business, as they are many frauds looking to get into your business. Your clients should be your first priority, so never compromise on the hiring of PPC consultant.

One more thing to note here is when you launch your first ad, keep an eye on your PPC consultant. Is he performing an in-depth research on that ad? Is he doing what he supposed to do? Is he using his previous experience on that? If yes, then you don’t need to worry because you have chosen the right consultant for your business.

I hope that after reading this guideline you will be able to find the right one for your business. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points and you will be able to select the proper PPC consultant for your business.

Fine-tuning Your Copy To Your Niche Market

By now, you got two key bits of info. on which to base your copy. You know a little about your audience, and you sense the nature of other offers they might see.

Make a more convincing offer than your rivals. Make an offer that is fine-tuned to the requirements of your niche, as well as expressed in their terminology. Cover the nuts and bolts – devise a message that has emotional attractiveness, is personalized and informal. Rehash the call to action clearly and regularly.

Ads writing

Most importantly, keep it simple.

Regardless of that your targeted group is scholarly kind, it doesn’t by definition indicate they want to be pitched in such terms. They may need thorough detail, they may need hidden specifics, however, it’s normally best to consign such detail lower down the page, or off to a different page. The thing they should be perfectly clear about is your offer and how it is useful them.

No matter the type of audience, they in all likelihood can be categorized as one of four particular groups:

The Unconscious

They are aware about what they need, however, they don’t give much thought to it, past that point. This sort of individual needs a great deal of instruction about the problem itself, then the solutions.

The Irresolute

They have got a prob., and they know a little bit about the solutions, however they’re not certain they truly need to take care of the problem. In any event not at this moment. Perhaps tomorrow. You have to invest a great deal of time concentrating on the solution, the benefits of the solution, and why acting sooner than later is in the purchasers best advantages.

The Seeker

They are aware they have got a problem, and have the solutions as well, yet they’re chasing around for the right deal. You need to persuade them that your offer is the best one for them. Persuade them that they are wise for choosing to go with you.

The Urgent

They should have what you’re offering. This is the fantasy purchaser. They need to purchase immediately, so don’t come in their path and enable them to do as such. Deploy validity markers and an uncomplicated, exact sales path.

I am skating over the surface, as I am certain these perspectives aren’t unfamiliar to you, however, it’s a smart idea to remember what stage a purchaser might be in the purchase cycle. As should be obvious, it will change the accentuation of your pitch.

There’s one other vital angle to landing pages that is occasional, if at any time, specified in conventional copy writing manuals.


The most straightforward thing for a shopper to do is click links, buttons. So prompt them to click. It’s a act of approval, inasmuch as that click isn’t back!

This additionally serves to draw individuals more profound into your world. Just segment your visitors through offer of diverse click paths, thus develop the message particularly for that sort of purchaser over a progression of pages. Distinctive sorts of visitors will follow diverse click paths.

You can likewise pair up click paths with keywords, accordingly helping you enhance your targeting in the time ahead. For instance, you may notice that individuals who looked on “ear disease” had a tendency to decide on click paths that offered further, diagnostic data. In future, you may bring individuals who look on “ear infection” specifically to a page centered around diagnostic data.

Time on page are getting shorter. Long sales copy pages, especially when utilized as landing pages, are turning out to be less popular than they were a couple of years prior.

A YouTube/FaceBook, raised on on-demand media and quick satiation generation isn’t gonna invest a great deal of time perusing long content pieces. A more seasoned individuals may do as such, yet another explanation behind discerning and segmenting your audience.

It doesn’t mean that long copy sales pitches won’t work, yet in the event that you utilize them, make sure to “chunk it”, in other words, routinely restate your offer, and offer the call to action, following making each point, or following every few paragraphs. This implies visitors don’t require to peruse the entire thing to comprehend your offer.

We’re furthermore noticing a ton of landing pages that offer video and audio, and next to no in the way of content. The content writer is not out of work, in any case, as the script is pretty much as imperative as the composed word. We can make landing pages extremely rich and convincing, yet the utilization of technology ought to never divert from the basic principles: make the right offer to the right group of audience.

A Ending Note On Credibility

In the developing marketplace trust is not what it was 10 years ago.

A decade back, individuals tended to place more trust in authority compared to present, alongside the claims made by advertisers who showed up in trustworthy magazines and daily papers. It holds true, in a few demographics – normally elderly – yet as a rule, we live in extremely skeptical times.

Also, it’s no big surprise. When a man achieves an age where they turn into an active consumer, they’ve been barraged with a huge number of messages. Messages flood each media, so to hold any rational soundness, individuals get the hang of blocking a large portion of them out.

Excepting it connects specifically to them.

Once more, this is the reason concentrating on people, their requirements, and how they say things is vital. In the 10’s, we have to speak our clients dialect like never before. They have the back-click button. Those below 30 have in all likelihood been raised in a world where they are the focal point of the universe. It’s about them.

Thus credibility, these days, is generally about holding up a mirror to the audience. In the event that you look like resembling them, then they tend to trust you. There are numerous markers of trust, obviously, however remember this point, especially for youth demographics. In the event your copy talks down to them, or presumably seems like the voice of authority, you will probably lose them.